Our shop is quick and easy to make order, no need to register!

Just 1 click to make payment with PayPal, CreditCard, or BitCoin.

1 See the items, click ADD TO CART
выбрать предмет, щелчок ADD TO CART

2. Click VIEW CART after you finished.
щелчок VIEW CART после завершения

3. Click to choose shipping methods
Нажмите, чтобы выбрать вариант доставки

4. Click to change to your country
щелчок менять твоя страна

5. Click PayPal Icon to redirect to PayPal Inc.
щелчок PayPal бутоньерка
点击PayPal图标重定向到PayPal Inc.

6. If you have PayPal, click Log In. Or Pay with Credit Card.
Если у вас есть PayPal, щелчок Log In. или же, Pay with Credit Card
如果您有PayPal,请单击“登录”。 要么 点击 Pay with Credit Card.

7. Every items and shipping cost will be automatically calculated.
все будет рассчитано автоматически

8. Done, Thank you!
完成 谢谢

For payment by crypto currency

For Crypto payments
Please choose Bitcoins option at the CHECKOUT page.

In the bitcoin payment box, as shown in picture above, you will see the QR code, the address, and the exact amount to pay. Write down or try to Capture the picture; you will need it later to pay with your favourite crypto apps. You can pay within 3 days before this order expire. (If you cannot see payment box, try to use tablet or pinch zoom method.)

When the exact amount of payment is transfered, the system will inform us of your order, and send email to you.

You can come back later to check the order history and details on this website if you have created an account with us(Optional).