FAQ: Product

Please email us if you have any enquiry or question or a kind suggestion. siamhomeland@gmail.com

Q: How to buy with confidence ?
A: If you checkout with PayPal, you automatically receive full buyer-protection by PayPal > https://www.paypal.com/th/webapps/mpp/paypal-buyer-protection which includes unarrived package, faulty products, misled specification, etc. We are a long time member at eBay: @Thaiars and a PayPal merchant user.

Q: Do you offer return?
A: All items are not returnable. Except non-genuine items which deemed to be counterfeit, or misled in specification from the advertised.
Due to the high price of shipping, but low price product, when products are return, buyer have to pay for all the shipping costs.

Q: Expiration date?
A: We do not stock goods, all comes by prompt order. We will make sure to send item more than half its expiration date. Some food expire only a few month, so we recommend to use ePacket shipping for those.
A: Some products have no date marked on package such as dried fruits and herbs because Thailand is a country where many family-own, village-joint independent businesses operate.

Q: Is Item new?
A: Every items are newly arrived from retailer.
For collection/antiquity, they are either used, pre-own, mint, or new.

Q: Is products real?
A: We do not sell fake products at all.

Q: Is crafted item genuine?
A: General item of craft, statue, etc. are unbranded but the quality is picked from the best among artisan craftmanship; such as Emerald Buddha Statue. Some authentic collection will come directly from Official seller, or Wat(Temple) which it will state the name originated.

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